“Pursue Excelle…

“Pursue Excellence, Cheer for Others, Do the Right Thing!”

This is our family motto. I reminded my son of this daily while he was growing up. Sometimes I still do. I’d explain that:

Pursue Excellence means always trying to improve yourself, always pushing yourself to be better, and never giving up. Excellence is your next PR.

Cheer for Others means to help your teammates be their best by your performance. When you are down on the mistake you just made, you are cheating your team out of your best and not giving them the best chance to succeed. It also means to cheer for others even when they are doing better than you. In your continual pursuit of excellence, you should empower others to be excellent as well. That creates a winning team!…. on the court, in the workplace, and at home.

Do the Right Thing means keeping your standards high and never compromising what is right for what is easy. Let good morals guide your every choice.

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