The Next Chapter Begins…

Tonight, Landen is on a first class flight to Tokyo, Japan!
After a good NBA summer league experience with the Boston Celtics, and some NBA and overseas offers to consider, Landen has decided that currently, the best opportunity for him is in Japan. Therefore, he accepted the guaranteed offer to play with Tokyo Alvark.

Having spent many of his "growing up" years in Japan, Landen considers it his second home and is very excited to live there once again during the upcoming basketball season.
Signing this guaranteed contract with the JBL gives Landen an opportunity to continue pursuing a career in the NBA, while playing in Japan, applying for his Japanese passport, and potentially playing on the national team in the 2020 Olympics! Although the team has given him a three year guarantee, he has an NBA out and will likely play in the summer league again in 2018. Of course being an NBA player can only benefit the JBL (Japanese Basketball League) and their National team, so they are very supportive of that pursuit as well.
As a family, we are very excited for Landen to be back in Japan! More to come….

As for the Landen Lucas Foundation- the Sports For Life fund continues to receive scholarship requests and we hope to give 200 before the end of the year. We've given 42 so far. But we do need to raise more money. With the goal of raising $100k this year, we now have an online donation button on the website as well as the mailing address. Please help us continue to give to youth in need!
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